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Welcome to Edinburgh Class!


What we are learning about this term...

Oink or Meow-Am I a good pet?

  • Exploring similarities and differences between pets and farm animals
  • Looking at what a farm is like. What happens on a farm?
  • Being safe in with animals and how to care for different types of animals
  • Discovering different animal types and exploring how they live

Religious Education

  • Easter- what does it mean? Why do we celebrate?
  • Exploring who Jesus is and the stories he heard and told.
  • Spring- changes in the environment and new life

Children will explore the texts

  • Non Fiction 'Pets'- 'Dogs'
  • Farmer Duck
  • I want a Pet

Children will be exploring

  • Halving
  • Subtraction
  • Division ( sharing/ grouping)
  • Place value 10-20
  • Money



Subject Focus.

  • Where would I like to visit?
  • Easter

Parent information.

Please ensure that you bring your child's school reading book in daily so that we can change their book and record all school reading that takes place. This should be brought to school in a suitable book bag that can securely hold their reading folder without damaging it.

Please ensure that your child has a school P.E kit in school with them. P.E takes place on Tuesday mornings. P.E kits will be sent home to be washed at the end of each term.

Fruit and water are available to your child throughout the school day. Water is provided in a school water bottle that is cleaned in school each evening. 

How you can support us.

We value the learning partnerships with parents.  You can support your child's learning at home by:

  • reading with your child daily
  • accessing Active Learn
  • assisting them with reading and writing their busy box words
  • encouraging them to create simple sentences independently in their homework books
  • assisting with handwriting practice/formation
  • daily counting opportunities such as when climbing the stairs
  • using their number cards to support them with number recognition and place value
  • Talking with them about the world that surrounds them

Upcoming Events.

Details of forthcoming events will be added here shortly.

Class Team.

Class Teacher -  Mrs Bostock

Class TA - Mrs Murray

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