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Reading challenges

Week beginning 23/03/20-

Nursery- Share a bedtime book with your child- ask them what their favourite part of the story is.

Reception-Read a book on Active Learn and answer the 'bug' questions. 

Week beginning 30/03/20-

Nursery- Use a picture from a story book to tell your own story with your grown up. You could give the character different names.

Reception-Ask your grown up to write the tricky words from your pack on to small pieces of paper and hide them around your house. Your job is to find the words and tell your grown up what they say.

Writing challenges

Week beginning 23/03/20-

Nursery- Practise writing your name

Reception-Write about your favourite farm animal. What does it look like? Where does it live? What does it like to eat?

Week beginning 30/03/20-

Nursery- Have a go at joining in the Dough Disco . If you don't have play dough at home, there are simple recipes online to make your own or use a small soft toy (that will fit in the palm of your child's hand.

Reception- Can you write farm animal clues so Mrs Bostock can guess your animal? Eg My animal has 4 legs,  4 trotters, a snout and loves to roll in mud. What is my animal?

Upload a photograph of your writing on Seesaw, Tapestry, your blog (log in to access) or email to edinburgh@cinnamonbrow.org.uk , dublin@cinnamonbrow.org.uk or london@cinnamonbrow.org.uk to show your teacher what you have been up to.

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