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Parent Survey Overview

Question 2 (2)

School are supporting working parents by uploading recorded lessons wherever possible to support parents in delivering at a time that suits them.

As a school, we are looking to move some of our KS2 lessons to a different time to help parents who are supporting more than one child at home with their learning.

question 4

To support parents, we have delivered a zoom technical session delivered by Mr Lamb where he was able to support parents with any issues around the use of Google Classroom.  There is also a video and written guide on the remote learning website page which provides helpful information about Google Classroom.  Mrs Gray, who works in the school office, is supporting parents further with issues as they come up.

question 5

School have provided WI-FI codes to parents who have no access to the internet.  Additionally, moving the timing of live teaching sessions is hopefully going to help. 

quesiton 6

School have ensured that every child has a device so that they can access their learning fully.

question 15

As a school, we recognise that the wellbeing of our pupils is extremely important.  In addition to the planned timetable, we have added in opportunities for pupils to engage socially with each other which they are finding very helpful.  Additionally, we have planned in some special days that focus on this: Wellbeing Wednesday and Funday Friday.  This will continue to be a focus for us as a whole school. 

Where parents are concerned, we can refer to support services within school but also in external services too.

question 17

We have taken on board suggestions made by both parents and pupils to support this further which are in place from w/c 1st February.  This should hopefully better support parents and pupils in understanding how they can improve their work. 

question 21(1)

The vast majority of parents feel that the current contact with their child is good.  Teachers connect daily with the whole class through live sessions and with smaller groups for intervention and pre-learning.  There are now informal opportunities for classes to engage with children at home which should also support with this. 

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