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How you can support your child.

  • Write their name-First and second name
  • Support your child in holding a pencil correctly or as best as possible for them
  • Practise the cursive letter formation
  • Segment and blend CVC words, e.g-dog, cat, Mum, Dad etc
  • Write a range of CVC words
  • Practise segmenting and blending the green words in their key word booklet
  • Practise reading the red words in their key word booklet by sight
  • Write a simple sentence using the given sound mats
  • Read their school book
  • An adult to read a story to them. Discuss characters, setting, problem
  • Log in to 'Bug Club' to read a range of decodable texts (log in details are in your child's reading record)
  • Log in to 'letterjoin' to support letter formation (log in details are in your child's reading record)
  • Order numbers to 10 and 20 and beyond
  • Read numbers to 10, 20 and beyond out of sequence
  • Practise the correct number formation ('I can write my numbers' song at the bottom of the EYFS home learning page)
  • Add two groups of objects together and find the total
  • Use objects to subtract and find a total
  • Count to 10, 20 and beyond (number songs on BBC school radio)

Useful Links

BBC Learning


Active Learn


Robin Hood MAT - learning resource library

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