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How you can support your child.

Ideas to support your Year 3 child:

• Recall 3, 4 and 8 multiplications 

• Use everyday objects to write fractions 

• Compare, order, add and subtract fractions with the same denominators 

• Measure objects around the house using a ruler and record in mm and cm 

• Baking is a perfect way to measure mass and capacity 

• Tell and write the time in 24 hour and analogue - do this at certain times of the day. Ask your children to help create a timetable  

• Draw 2D shapes and use a ruler to measure and calculate perimeters 

• Add and subtract money using both pounds and pence 

• Ensure your child reads every day ask your child to give you a recount of what they have read 

• Ask your children to keep a diary and include:  

- Conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to make sentences longer 

- Speech in sentences  

- Practise the Y3/4 spelling words

Ideas to support your Year 4 child:

• Read every day. Ask questions about what might happen next 

• Write a book review 

• Practise timetables 

• Practise spellings  

• Encourage addition and subtraction using money. How much change? 

• Use everyday objects to practise fractions - how much pizza have you eaten? What fraction of the socks are blue? What fraction of the cars you can see are red? 

• Make a plan to decorate a room and measure the perimeter 

• Write an explanation text about your hobby


Useful websites

Guides for some of the websites can be found on the website guides page.

BBC Learning


Active Learn




Robin Hood MAT - learning resource library

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