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Parental Engagement

At Cinnamon Brow C E Primary School, we believe reading is a vital skill that will support children’s learning across the whole curriculum. As a school, we will ensure that our children are taught to read with fluency, accuracy and understanding, through a variety of discreet and cross-curricular learning opportunities. Above all, we want children in our school to become enthusiastic, independent and reflective readers. Essentially, we want children to enjoy reading. 

As a school we value parental engagement in all that your children do through school including practicing children's reading skills to ensure they become engaged and fluent readers. 

Please see below some useful support and guides for programmes that we use at Cinnamon Brow.

reading eggs

Miss Ainsworth demonstrates Reading Eggs

reading eggs(1)

How to use Reading Eggs


Home Learning Guide


EEF - 7 Top Tips to support reading at home


Cinnamon Brow Reading Workshop


EEF - Talk with Trust

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