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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some information in response to questions raised by parents with regards to the extended reopening of school from 8th June.  The answers have been updated to ensure that as of January 2021 they are correct.  If you have any further questions, please email: headteacher@cinnamonbrow.org.uk.

  • How will the school ensure social distancing?

    The school are putting into place all the recommendations provided through the government's guidance documents.  However, parents do need to understand that the risk can not be taken away completely. The government have acknowledged that social distancing for primary-aged children is difficult.  To help with this, we have created class bubbles with two members of staff.  Measures are in place to ensure that each bubble is kept separate including as much as possible for toilets and washing facilities.  Playtimes and lunchtimes will be at different times.  

  • How often will children be able to attend school?

    Children are attending as normal.

  • Will my children attend at the same time?

    We have a staggered start and finish to the school day to aid social distancing.  Siblings have the same start and finish time.

  • Will school look and feel different for the children?

    We have had to prepare the school following the government's guidelines.  This has meant removing some items around school. However, the advice from the government has changed since March and we are now able to have more resources available.  Children have their own set of frequently used resources.  Shared resources are used within bubbles and cleaned more regularly. For topic resources that are shared between bubbles, these are either cleaned thoroughly between uses or quarantined between uses.

  • Will my children need to wear school uniform?

    Yes. Children are in school uniform.  We are requesting that children come dressed for PE on their PE day and dressed for outside on their outdoor learning day. This means that the children do not need to get changed within school. 

  • What will the children be learning?

    We have created a recovery curriculum to support 'catch up' of missed learning during lockdown. Please see the link to this under the covid tab at the top of the homepage.

  • Will children be with their friends and with teachers that they know?

    Children are in mixed-age classes as normal.  This means that children may not be with their friends from previous years and due to social distancing, they will not be mixing with other classes during the school day. We have tried to ensure that every child has at least one friend in their new class. 

  • How will school ensure that all resources are cleaned?

    All frequently touched surfaces are cleaned during the day and thoroughly at the end of the day.  

  • How will the school manage lunchtime?

    Children will eat their lunch in their classroom.  If lunches have been ordered through school, they will be brought to the children.  Some children will play before lunch and some will after lunch.  There will only be one bubble on a playground at a time.  

  • Will school lunches be hot or will only packed lunches be available?

    Hot meals are available as normal. These are available to purchase through school using parent pay as normal.  If your child/ren are in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 (key workers only) then they will receive a free school dinner as part of the universal free school meals offer.  If you qualify for free school meals then this also will be provided. Children can still bring in their own packed lunch. 

  • Will children be able to play with each other at playtimes?

    We will be introducing many new games that are fun yet encourage social distancing. Children will inevitably be close to their peers at times whilst running on the playground.  To counteract this, children will have washed their hands before playtime and will do so straight afterwards.

  • How will the school manage first aid incidents?

    Each bubble will have its own first aid kit and PPE (mask, apron & gloves) so that if this is needed it is available immediately.  For anything more serious, a first aider would be called within the school to come and support.  Our procedures around First Aid have been updated in line with the guidance available.

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