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You asked, we did!

On this page you will find the actions that school have taken in response to feedback from parents and children. If you have any further suggestions, please let us know.

Homework - Parents requested more clarification and options regarding homework.  Some parents felt that they would like more homework to help them to support their children at home.

We updated our homework policy and ensured that the homework that we set is productive and supports learning basic skills. Parents have the option of requesting additional homework plus the homework topic project can be extended.

Homework club - some children don't have access to the internet and parents asked if we could help.  From Autumn 2019, homework club has been introduced to faciltate this for children without internet access at home.

Lost Property - parents found it hard to locate lost property. As a result, a lost property box has been located at the school office and it provides a central point for parents to look for lost property.

Update since Ofsted - a number of parents requested an update on the progress that the school had made since the Ofsted in 2017.  An update from the Governors was sent to parents in Spring 2019 to give information about the progress made.

School Ping - Notifications update

We have contacted New Era directly about notification issues from school ping for Android users - here is their response:

'Try the Help centre FAQ section on Ping – there is a section specifically for Android and if you scroll down you’ll see a section entitled ‘I’m not receiving notifications / My notifications are delayed’. There are a number of steps there for parents to have a look at which might help.  Also if parents log to School Ping through the school’s website on for example a computer, they can go to their settings and select that they will always receive email notifications. This would alert them by email when they have a new School Ping message.'

We have also found that if you turn on your email notifications this will send a Ping straight to your email address - this setting can be enabled by logging into your School Ping account via the website.

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