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Remote Learning Plan

Attached is our remote learning plan and offer from January 2021.

In addition to this we still have a wide range of additional resources on our learning resources page here

Google Classrooms and Google Meet

Our Online Learning provision will now be via google classrooms and google meet. In order to support you gaining access to these we have put together the following video and guidance notes. Should you have any issues or problems please contact your class via the class email addresses.

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  • I can't see a lesson that is scheduled is on the class page?

    If you arrive early to a scheduled Google meet lesson it is likely the link will not be there. This is due to the teacher not making the link live to prevent children from entering the meeting early without the appropriate teaching supervision. If the link isn't their initially keep refreshing the page until it appears.

  • I can't find the meeting I am meant to join with other classes?

    When a meeting between multiple classes is scheduled you will be provided with a keyword. If you click on Google Meet and enter the keyword you will be taken to the meeting that has been arranged

  • I can't access Google Classroom from my device

    In order to access Google Classroom and the scheduled Google Meets you will need to ensure that your child is logged in using their allocated school information. Please ensure that all other private google accounts that could be logged in on the device are closed down to prevent any conflicts behind the scenes.

  • The device I have loaned from school is not working

    Please contact the school office immediately for support. We may be able to offer some immediate support, but we may need to contact our external IT support provider. Please do not delay in getting in touch.

  • We cannot join the Collective Worship / celebration assembly

    Due to restrictions on the technology we are using they are limited to 100 participants per time. We are currently looking at ways of being able to live stream our assemblies so watch this space!

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