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At Cinnamon Brow, music is important to us. We believe it helps to increase creativity, confidence and self-esteem, as well as contributing to the overall well-being of our children.

Our curriculum aims to create a love of music through listening, appraising, performing and composing within different musical genres.  We see music as an inclusive language which can be accessed by all, helping to develop each child's creativity, confidence and self-esteem.   We teach our music curriculum over a two year rolling cycle, allowing for the progression and development of each individual child's musicality and skills.

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Our Music Curriculum Statement and an Overview of our Curriculum can be found below:

Music Overview and Curriculum Intent

Lesson links:

During lockdown, KS1 followed Oak Academy music lessons and KS2 engaged with their own bespoke lessons delivered by our music specialists, following the national curriculum. See sample lessons below:

KS1 Lesson:  Understanding Pulse

Challenge: Can you clap along with the pulse to a song you hear on tv or the radio?


LKS2 Lesson: Dynamics

Recap pule and rhythm, introducing dynamics.

Challenge:  Explore how different materials sound when we play them forte (strongly/loudly) and piano (softly).


UKS2 Lesson: Peter and the Wolf

Creating graphic scores, playing with rhythm and looking at structure and story telling of music. 

Challenge: Can you write your own rhythm pattern using everyday materials / equipment from home?

Music Knowledge Organisers

Look at what we have been doing in music this year:


Charanga Yumu


YUMU is a great new way to learn about music and practise online.  You have your own individual login to YUMU online where you will find online lessons and tasks set by your teacher.

Click the link in the picture above and enter the USERNAME and PASSWORD provided to you by your teacher. Then click the LOGIN button.


Year Group Password
Year 6 2022
Year 5 2023
Year 4 2024
Year 3 2025
Year 2 2026
Year 1 2027


Charanga Yumu Login information

Finding your username is easy.  It is your first initial and surname with no capitals or hyphens, followed by the letters cb for Cinnamon Brow.  Your username is all in lower case with no capital letters at all.

For example:

Betty Johnson would be:       bjohnsoncb

If your first name has a hyphen in it, just use the first initial. 

e.g. Lilly-Mae Brown would be:       lbrowncb

For surnames with hyphens you need to take it out.

e.g. Sam Parker-Jones would be:       sparkerjonescb

If there is another child in the school with the same inital and surname as you, your teacher may contact you to give you a slightly different username.


Choir - the songs we have learnt...

Although we may not be able to practise together at this time, why not practise these songs and learn the words? We are always looking for children to join the choir so remember to sign up next time!

And how about a couple of new ones?

  • Run, rabbit, run.... was written in 1939 and was a popular war time song.
  • The Blessing song became viral during lockdown.  It speaks of God's blessing and protection over us.

Online Singing Lessons

Daily virtual singing sessions from the Diocese of Leeds Schools Singing Programme are now available to watch on You Tube.  The link to the first virtual singing session is below:


For more information about the programme, go to:



Musical progression 2019-2020 video:

Whole_School_Music_Progression_Spring_1 2020.mp4
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