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What are we going to achieve this year?

  • Introduce a wider range of songs of worship into our collective worship.
  • Support the RE Lead Teacher in making sure every class has age appropriate Bibles.
  • Support the strengthening of Bible teaching and understanding across the school.
  • Meet with church leaders half termly to discuss worship through the school, and agree future plans.

What is our role?

  • Ensuring that collective worship is as good as it can be.
  • Establishing the Child Friendly Worship Policy.
  • Contributing to the writing of the policy – adding Bible story suggestions.
  • Making sure the classroom/hall is ready for worship.
  • Supporting in decisions of choosing relevant songs of worship.
  • Finding out about the views of pupils and parents.
  • Sharing prayers written by pupils in their own class every Friday afternoon. 
  • Leading the writing of prayers in our whole school prayer and reflection area.
  • Make sure that our whole school prayer and reflection area is kept tidy and stocked.
  • Playing a major part in planning and delivering worship with staff and other children.
  • To be good role models during worship.
  • To be actively involved during whole school worship – leading the songs of worship, saying prayers.

Our 2022/2023 Worship Wonders

We are a group of  pupils, representing all the children in school, who meet together to discuss, help plan and evaluate worship in our school and services at The Church of The Resurrection which we attend. We also think about the Dawn Children's Centre in Uganda who we have made links with. We met the manager of the school. She is called Sarah Ampumuza. We are all meeting to write letters to the children and raise money to help them because we want to be more like Jesus and we want to live by Christian Values in our school. 

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