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Hello Yellow

In October, as a school we supported #HelloYellow, in conjunction with the Charity Young Minds.

Young Minds is the UK's leading charity in promoting awareness around the mental health of children and young people.

Your generosity raised an amazing £185.65!

To find out more about Young Minds please click on the image below.


Courageous Advocacy In Action...

Boy with Book

One kind compasionate pupil bought this book with his own money as he knew it would raise money for children less fortunate than himself. 

Christian Aid


As part of our Harvest celebrations we learnt about Angela's farming community in Nicaragua and the hardships that they are facing due to climate change.

Over the harvest period our children complete their task of running the length of the Nicaraguan Canal a whopping 171 miles!

The sponsors raised for this marathon task totalled £434.40

Thank you!

Global Neighbours

Global Goals

We want to empower the next generation to make changes for the better. In partnership with The Church of England, we want to encourage a deeper understanding of global injustice and equip our pupils to become courageous advocates for change 

Children in Need

Alongside hundreds of pupils across the country, we took part in activities and fundraising for BBC's Children in Need appreal.

We supported Joe Wicks with his 24 hour workout challenge and took part in workouts all across the school.

Again your unwavering kindness raised  £242.90 for this wonderful and much needed cause.

One kind compasionate pupil challenged herself to a sponsored silence to raise money for Chidlren In Need.


Football Shirt Friday


Tyler, Louis and Jacob wanted to raise awareness for a cause very close to their hearts. After losing family members to bowel cancer the boys requested we take part in The Bobby Moore Fund - Football Shirt Friday with Cancer Research UK.

All donations sent in will be counted and sent directly to this Charity.

Global Links with Uganda

We were very excited to welcome children's author, Sarah Ampumuza, to our school. Sarah trained as an Occupational Therapist before managing the Dawn Children’s Centre in Uganda, teaching children from 2 - 11 years, many of whom have additional needs. She read one of her books, 'Fearfully and Wonderfully Made', to KS1 and Year 5 children, before talking to children about life in Uganda. We learned how her school uses different therapies and incorporates vocational courses for many of its learners, relying on sponsorship to help fund their education. We are looking forward to developing further links with the school.  

St Rocco’s Elf run

In December we took part in St Rocco's Elf run. All children and staff received an Elf hat as we all complete a 'lap' of our 'land'!

Thank you so much for your generous donations and support of this local charity!

st roccosIMG_0189

Nancy chose to make friendship bracelets to support the Ukrainian children 


Is there a cause close to your family that you wish to raise awareness of?

Awareness can take many forms:

  • An assembly (virtual)
  • A class presentation 
  • A fundraiser 
  • A show and tell

Let us know what ideas you have and we will do what we can to make them come alive!

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