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School Vision

vision verse

This verse was God’s word to the Israelites given by the prophet Jeremiah.  The Israelites were in a time of desperation as captives.  In Jeremiah 29:10, Jeremiah speaks God’s word to the Israelites.  He specifies that God will fulfil his promise after 70 years of exile. They would have a real time of difficulty but they had God’s hope of a future to see them through. 

God gave the Israelites a hope that their future would be bright.  This is our aim for our school community: children, parents, governors, staff and local community. By providing an excellent well-rounded education, we will give our pupils and their families hope for their future, by enabling them to flourish.

church of england vision

The school vision has been developed in partnership with staff, governors, church, parents and children.                   November 2018

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