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School Vision

The school vision has been developed in partnership with staff, governors, church, parents and children.                   November 2018

‘For I know the plans I have for you…plans to give you hope & a future’ Jeremiah 29:11

This verse was God’s word to the Israelites given by the prophet Jeremiah.  The Israelites were in a time of desperation as captives.  In Jeremiah 29:10, Jeremiah speaks God’s word to the Israelites.  He specifies that God will fulfil his promise after 70 years of exile. They would have a real time of difficulty but they had God’s hope of a future to see them through. 

God gave the Israelites a hope that their future would be bright.  This is our aim for our school community: children, parents, governors, staff and local community. By providing an excellent well-rounded education, we will give the children of Cinnamon Brow and their families the absolute best chance for their future.

Our vision for our school is underpinned by the Church of England’s vision for Education.

Educating for Community and Living Well Together             COMMUNITY

At Cinnamon Brow, children are school ambassadors. We will develop their personal & social skills to help them build strong relationships within school, with our local Church and within the wider community.  We will provide opportunities to help them to challenge each other’s thinking and ideas in a safe environment thereby preparing them for their future. We will actively promote forgiveness and reconciliation 

Through our engagement curriculum, we will provide them with opportunities to develop their sense of community and put this into action to improve and care for their surroundings including our extensive school grounds. We will challenge and inspire them to desire to make a difference in their wider local community and the world beyond: to show compassion.

Educating for Hope and Aspirations           POSSIBILITIES

At Cinnamon Brow, children are happy and confident and will feel a sense of fulfilment within themselves. They will develop resilience by working their way through difficult situations and learning to persevere. By using the Heart-Smart Value of ‘No Way Through Isn’t True’ they will develop grit and self-belief.

During their time in our school, children will develop a thirst for learning.  They will embed the skills that are transferable between school and life-long learning.  We will provide planned opportunities for them to explore and broaden their ideas for their future and to help develop their aspirations, giving hope.  

Educating for Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills             POSSIBILITIES and SPIRITUALITY 

We will always look to improve our teaching so that we provide excellent learning opportunities.  We will provide children with a range of experiences that will challenge thinking skills. By embedding our knowledge-based engagement curriculum, children will grow academically and personally. Our desire is for every one of then to reach their full potential and thereby give them hope for their future. 

Our use of Heart-Smart, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural teaching and Growth Mindset will provide support and encouragement which will support every child to grow from strength to strength and develop their personal spirituality. They will know their own strengths and work upon their weaknesses with the support of staff and children around them. Through this, they will demonstrate thankfulness

Educating for Dignity and Respect           DIVERSITY

Inclusivity is central to our school where every child is revered and respected as a member of a community where all are known and loved by God.  We teach children to value and respect others in and out of school and beyond. Our core Christian values support this. The children of Cinnamon Brow, along with ourselves, believe that developing listening skills is vital to help us to show respect to each other.

We teach children that respect is a life-skill that is demonstrated intrinsically in everyday situations to benefit their community. They will be outward looking rather than merely inward: learning about other cultures and demonstrating respect. British Values are integral to this and are shared and modelled by adults and children alike.

We empower all children through our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural teaching with: self-belief, self-pride, self-confidence and self-dignity.

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