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Blended Learning Offer


Google Classroom

During Autumn Term, all staff and children were trained on how to access Google Classroom. This will support anyone unable to attend due to self isolation arising, but also allow school to continue should a Local Lockdown be enforced.

The Login page for Google Classroom can be accessed by clicking the image to the left.

Oak National Academy

In April 2020 the DfE launched Oak National Academy. We used these materials during the national lockdown in Summer 2020.

From September, we are continuing to use these resources where they match our curriculum. Where this isn't possible, other resources will be used. This will ensure that if chidlren need to self isolate, they will still be able to access our curriculum using high quality teaching and learning. 



In Summer Term we were able to utilise zoom for our class meet ups. From September, we are using a mixture of Google Classroom 'meets' and Zoom. 

DB Learning Library, Website and Key Stage Links

Since March, we have been able to provide a wealth of information within our own school website, including the DB Learning Library. 

We will continue to keep the website as up to date as possible to enable high quality learning links as accessible to all of our children as possible.



We appreciate that not every child has access to an electronic device. If you are struggling at all to have you child complete work using any of the platforms above please do contact us and we will do what we can to help you.

Whilst your child is self isolating, we are able to loan a Chrome book or IPAD to support your child.  We are also able to provide paper copies of work, alongside additional activities that can be completed whilst at home.

Please email businessmanager@cinnamonbrow.org.uk or headteacher@cinnamonbrow.org.uk in confidence should you wish to discuss this.

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