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Pupil Survey Overview

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As a school, we have added in some extra Google Meet sessions where the focus is on informal opportunity to meet.  This will hopefully support pupils who are struggling with the potential isolation of working at home and an opportunity for them to share their concerns. Additionally, at parent consultation meetings, teachers discussed the learning needs of pupils. This was also an opportunity for parents to share any concerns so teacher could action.  There are daily opportunities for pre-learning and overlearning for those pupils who have found learning more difficult.  We are also looking at further ways to provide feedback and opportunities for pupils to share their concerns or challenges with learning. 

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We have introduced 'Wellbeing Wednesday' and 'Funday Friday' in the run up to half term.  We are very much hoping that this will be a support to pupils who are struggling with lockdown. We are also looking at ways that we can add in more opportunities for pupils to chat in small groups about how they are feeling. 

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Every class has introduced informal meet times which will help with this.  We are also looking at the technology that we can use to increase opportunities for pupils to work with their classmates whist learning at home.

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